Alumni Talks


School education plays a vital role in every individual’s life. My experience at Amrita Vidyalayam over a decade was very valuable and educational. In Amrita Vidyalayam, teachers were very much dedicated towards enhancing the qualities of a student rather than focusing upon scores. This attitude had a positive impact in every aspect of my life till date.

Viewing at an educational point, teachers were equipped with enough teaching and conditioning skills to guide us in the right path. To add on, sporting activities were good and motivating with which students achieved great heights.

I hope every student pursuing his/her education in Amrita Vidyalayam gain valuable exposure.

Krishna Prasath S L.K.G.(2002) – 10th(2014)

"Om Namashivaya"

It was in the year 2002, I stepped inside the beautiful campus of my school ‘Amrita Vidayalayam’. I am happy that I completed my entire schooling here. My school was always famous for its appropriate disciplinary strategies. With its infrastructure, it always taught me to embrace Mother Nature. 'Equality' was one such value which was and is strictly adhered throughout the campus. We were inculcated with values through subject like 'Value Education'. My inherent talents could come out easily only due to various competitions which were held frequently. My school even helped me to develop my spiritual knowledge through slokas, bhajans, etc. My school has molded me physically, emotionally and intellectually through inspiring teachers and that too with interesting methodologies and I’m very happy to be an ‘alumina’ of the school

Sharmista P2002 (FROM LKG) – 2016 (12th STD)

"Om Namashivaya"

Every time I worship saying our mantra, I feel the vibes of Amma!

As Amma says, "Whatever you do and wherever you are, relax and you will see how much power you will gain." I had gained my power being with Amma in Amrita for 12 years to be a good human. The aim of our school is to make oneself, a person with spirituality and disciplined. Education with extra knowledge had made each and everyone today to live with our own identity. It is not just our school; it was our temple where we worshipped teachers as our gods. Amrita is a quality school where each one of us has passed out with the proud recognition as "Amritians".

Yamini Vijayakumar1st – 12th GRADE (2005-2016)

"Om Namashivaya"

The main reason that makes Amrita Vidyalayam different from other schools is that the discipline they educate. A very friendly atmosphere between the students and the faculty. The Principal used to communicate with students regularly.

Getting to know about yoga and learning our ancient language Sanskrit, our school has many plus points. It had taught me how to respect elders and how to behave as a socialized person.

Amrita Vidyalayam gave me many friends, including teachers, from lab assistants to watchmen. It was the best experience that I ever had in my life.

Dinesh K2007 (4th STD.) - 2016 (12th STD.)

Amrita is a place filled with peace and spiritual Knowledge with lots of fun and love along with adorable teachers caring like mothers. It was utmost fun with our classmates and our home for education. Amrita is the heavenly place with most of our memories. Missing AVN!

Shobika.VYear: 2019
M Eashwar

To every person, school days hold many memorable moments. The first thing I remember when I think of my school days are the great friends that I made there and the teachers who taught and cared for us like their own children. The school not only helped us grow academically but also supported our interests in sports and games. The times of celebrating traditional festivals were colourful memories. The environment and the surroundings of the school helped in peaceful learning. The school identified my talents and helped me achieve my career of being a doctor.

M Eashwar2002 (LKG) – 2016 (12th STD)
T Chitrabanu

Amrita engraved our hearts with the mission of spreading selfless love to the world. With considerate teachers and didactic education Amrita propelled us into an enlightening experience. My life at Amrita was best spent.

T ChitrabanuYear 2019

School is one of the most important part of an individual’s life. I am happy that my parents made a beautiful choice of choosing ‘Amrita Vidyalayam’. My 12 year journey in my school influenced on my character that made me more disciplined. The morals that I learnt have paved a successful path for my career. In fact the credit goes to the well qualified teachers who made it possible through proper guidance and they took good care of us. Apart from education, equal importance is provided for sports and extra-curricular activities that made me discover my skills and talents. The constant motivation from our teachers made me successful in every task. I always thank ‘Amrita Vidyalayam’ for providing me the most cultured, positive and disciplined environment.

Senthilvel DL.K.G. (2002) – 10th (2014)

The school has molded me into whatever I am today. I can see myself standing out in the crowd which is surely because whatever I have been taught in the school. I have been imbibed values that have helped me in several situations. My base has been laid strong in this school. Taking the responsibility to being a hard worker, the school had taught me everything. The school had made me learn the definition of Ambition. It drove me to set an ambition and eventually laid the path to achieve my dreams, for which I am thankful forever. The school has left me with memories that will always travel with me.

Gowtham C2002 (FROM LKG) – 2016 (12th STD)

"Om Namashivaya"

In 2002, when my parents got me admitted here in AVN, I was just a moist piece of clay. The 14 years experience here, has moulded me into who I am today. The specialty of this school is the cultural knowledge that it provides. It is the main reason for my discipline. Our school aimed to produce self-discipline in students. It is the best way to teach discipline. Getting out from a quality school like ours, I have never had any struggle with speaking or understanding English, which is very important in today’s society. Teaching students the importance of both physical and mental fitness through PET and yoga, the school has helped me a lot. The school blessed me with only friendly and caring teachers and lovely friends who are still in connection. All of these have helped me in my later years. It was an amazing experience for me here.

Divya Prakash C S2002 (FROM LKG) – 2016 (12th STD)
Pooja G

The magical journey of 14 years has made Amrita the most beautiful chapter of my life, without which I would remain none. In this span of time, Amrita presented me innumerable opportunities and great learnings which not only made me grow exponentially but eventually made me reflect on who I am as a person.

Pooja GYear: 2019

  Love and spiritual values received from parents are the strongest assets for a child
to face the various trials of adulthood.  

- Satguru Mata Amritanandamayi Devi