Navarathri Celebration

29 September, 2019

As per the Indian tradition, Navrotsav(Navarathri celebration) is organised in the month of September. Navaratri means “nine nights” in Sanskrit. During these nine nights and days, three forms of the Female Divinity are worshipped and different stages of spiritual progress are reflected in the sequence of Navarathri celebrations .Golu represents the divine presence of the Hindu Goddesses during Navarathri.Golu is adorned with dolls-predominantly with that of the gods and goddesses depicting mythology. At our campus, Navaratri is celebrated with the wholehearted involvement of all students and staff.  There are also devotional chanting of Akanda Lalitha Sahsranama, , evening pujas, bhajans and satsangs during this period of nine days and nights. Everyone and the environment are charged with uplifting vibes.

  Love and spiritual values received from parents are the strongest assets for a child
to face the various trials of adulthood.  

- Satguru Mata Amritanandamayi Devi